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When You Need to Have "The Edge"

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Tim Simmons was with his woodworking company when he realized the need for professional sharpening services for his tools. Based on his extensive knowledge of how tools need to be sharpened, he founded Simmons Sharpening Service in 2009.

From carbide and steel blades to shovels and carving knifes, Simmons Sharpening Service offers effective sharpening options for all of your tools.

If your tool or equipment isn't sharpened correctly, bring it back for a full refund or replacement!

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  • Circular saw blades

  • 10-inch carbide tipped saw blades

  • 12-inch carbide tipped saw blades

  • Drop-box available for inquires

With over 15 years of experience in the machinery business, Simmons Sharpening Service will help you improve the effectiveness of your tools without breaking the bank.

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Creating a Sharpening Solution

Sharpening services include

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