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When You Need to Have "The Edge"

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Featuring comprehensive sharpening options for various tools and accessories, Simmons Sharpening Service is your premier resource for breathing new life into your used blades, saws, knives, and more.

  • All types of drill bits

  • Band saws

  • Blades and hunting knives

  • Carbide and steel blades

  • Carbide saws

  • Carving knives

  • Chainsaw blades

Simmons Sharpening Service has over 15 years of machinery experience you can rely on.

Trustworthy Sharpening Services for All of Your Tools and Instruments

  • Router bits

  • Saw blades

  • Scissors

  • Shears

  • Shovels

  • Lawn mower blades shapened and balanced

Founded in 2009, the Simmons Sharpening Service team offers quick turnaround on all services. If your tools aren't sharpened properly, bring it back for a full refund or replacement!

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Rejuvenate the Sharpness of Your Tools

Servicing a wide variety of tools and equipment such as

Fast service, dependable results

  • Circular

  • Cutters

  • Hand saws

  • Hedge trimmers

  • Hole saws

  • Kitchen knives

  • Mower blades

Before Sharpening

After Sharpening